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Welcome to the GYA AGORA, the virtual home of the GYA Network of Members and Alumni

This is the community page created for the GYA members and alumni. It holds all internal information, all links you might need, and provides space to interact and exchange ideas in a non-synchronized matter. Come in, join us, provide ideas and shape not just the GYA but the Agora along with it.

Please note that we are currently tranisitioning out of the AGM setup into a more permanent community setup. Some things might change from one day to the next.

GYA - Who we are and what we do


Getting started on the GYA Agora


Your Agora Account:
  • You need to register by sending an email to An account will be set up for you.
  • Please use your name as username (as in “given name” space “family name”). This place is strictly internal. No one who is not an AGM attendee will have access to it).
  • Your account is then in need for approval by the Office. It will subsequently be verified and you can see the board content.
  • Then you are ready to log in. Use your EMAIL ADDRESSand set PASSWORD to do so.
  • Head to your profile and fill in all the things you wish to share with us. (Please note that at this point, for several reasons, your account on the Agora does not connect to your account on the Website).
Agora can be viewed on a laptop or desktop computer or on your phone in your favourite browser. Login data is the same, no matter the gadget.
GDPR – Data protection

While the Agora is hosted on a German server and not stored in the vbulletin cloud service, some of the third-party tools we will use are situated in the US. We advise to be conscientious about what data to you upload and share. Visit our Privacy Policy for more information, along with the data privacy information posted for you on the Agora: Agora Privacy Policy, and the GDPR Zoom information the GYA privacy policy has been amended with: GDPR Amendment: Zoom

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