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Welcome to the e-AGM 2021 platform!

Thank you for joining us for the 2021 eAGM. This year we have chosen a different setup. Our base of operations is the GYA AGORA, a community home set up to hold all the information you need, links for meetings and review and report documents.

For a bit more in-depth explanation about what the AGM is and how it translates into a virtual setting please visit this page: A guide about the AGM (and thus the virtual eAGM) for our new members.

In order to get started you need:

  • a laptop or a phone (possibly both)
  • an internet connection
  • an account for the Agora (and furthermore, your Google Account details handy for work on collaborative documents, Zoom set up and ready to go on your gadget of choice)

Note: Without a verified account you cannot view the board content.

Your Agora Account:
  • Click here to register.
  • Please use your name as username (as in “given name” space “family name”). This place is strictly internal. No one who’s not an AGM attendee will have access to it).
  • Your account is then in need for approval by the Office. It will then be verified and you can see the board content.
  • Then you’re ready to log in. Use your EMAIL ADDRESS and set PASSWORD to do so.
  • Head to your profile and fill in all the things you wish to share with us. (Please note that at this point, for several reasons, your account on the Agora does not connect to your account on the Website).
  • Then look around. Best place to start is here:
We are looking into options to also provide access to the Agora through mobile apps. We will provide more information on the matter soon. Please be aware that third-party platforms we are using for the eAGM are not compatible with your phone. Furthermore, the Agora can be accessed through the browser just fine as the layout is responsive and scales down for proper mobile view.
Get ready to dive in

This thread holds all the basics:

The 2021 eAGM [Start here]

GDPR – Data protection
While the Agora is hosted on a German server and not stored in the vbulletin cloud service, some of the third-party tools we will use are situation in the US. We advise to be conscientious about what data to you upload and share.

A reminder to do those who joined the eAGM last year: Please, do consider contacting Whova after the e-meetings to have your data removed.

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