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Conference of Young Scientists: Reading List


  • Conference of Young Scientists: Reading List

    Like in the previous years, we’re collecting relevant background reading on the conference topic. If you have anything you want to share, contact Kirsten at the Office ( so we can include more related articles for your fellow members and alumni.
    • Creative Insight from Connections 2018
      Rob Jenkins interviews David Sherwood (Silver Bullet)
      “Knowledge certainly is essential, but there is something else that you need if you want to use that knowledge creatively. To be creative, you must also be willing to ‘let go’, to allow your current knowledge to be challenged, and perhaps discarded. You cannot be ‘in love’ with your own ideas, and you must allow yourself to ‘unlearn’. Knowledge and challenge lead to discovery…” Read the full article here as 2-page spread, and as single page display.
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    • The 2022 AG formats: Networking sessions, satellite meetings, GA sessions, etc.
      by GYA AGM Organisation
      GYA General Assembly Sessions
      These are the core of any GYA Annual General Meeting, of course, and provide ample opportunity to discuss core GYA issues, and for members to vote on them. This year, among other items, we will discuss the proposed Code of Professional Behaviour and Conduct, and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on young academy membership duration.

      GYA Activities groups on the Agora
      All groups, as well as GYA Committees and the EC, will have a space on...
      06 May 2022, 12:48 PM
    • The tools of the 2022 AGM: Zoom, Wonder, and the GYA Agora
      by GYA AGM Organisation
      Originally posted in Ticker #3

      Zoom – We will once again be using Zoom for all the video conferencing sessions of the AGM (and conference). You can use Zoom without a local install – but might, after the past two years spent in pandemic times, have a local client installed already. Do check whether you have the latest update installed, and whether you have your login credentials at the ready.

      Sessions on Zoom will entail joining others live and on varying topics. You...
      06 May 2022, 12:46 PM
    • Become a moderator for the AGM
      by GYA AGM Organisation
      Each GYA AGM is only as fantastic as you, the members and alumni, make it! Therefore, consider taking on responsibilities for this year’s AGM – by picking a session to help with, or coming up with small icebreaker-ideas that we could do together. Or join in as a session moderator to help get discussions going and guide them. There will be no need for lengthy presentations, so do not worry. Rather, the AGM is all about engaging with your fellow members and keeping the exchange going.
      06 May 2022, 12:45 PM
    • Registration: sign up for the Workshops
      by GYA AGM Organisation
      Originally posted in Ticker #3

      GYA Members and Alumni do not need to register in any other form than logging into the GYA Agora. This is the same space we used last year, and we are looking forward to welcoming you there again!

      However, in order to allow the LOC in Japan to prepare the conference sessions, there are two exceptions: for the Science Advice workshop on 13 June, and for the Science Fiction Prototyping workshop on 16 June, please sign up here by 5 June 2022:...
      06 May 2022, 12:43 PM
    • Read on: More information waiting for you on the Agora
      by GYA AGM Organisation
      Originally posted in Ticker #2

      What does the GYA do (1 min)
      This is a quick introduction about the fields the GYA engages in.

      What to expect at the 2022 AGM (1 min)
      Find a short overview of the elements that comprise the AGM.

      Pillars of the GYA (2 min)
      Read up on this article to find out more about what activities groups and the different committees are.

      GYA Activities Groups at the AGM (3 min)
      Information for all (co-)leads...
      06 May 2022, 12:40 PM
    • AGM 2022: Online and in-person
      by GYA AGM Organisation
      Originally posted in Ticker #2

      If you are a resident of Japan, you will be able to meet in person.

      If you are not a resident of Japan, you will be meeting online.

      Heading into the third year of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it was simply not possible to allow for a full in-person conference and AGM this year. Rest assured, facing this reality happened with a heavy heart. We all want to meet again, and it requires quite large amounts of strength to continue...
      06 May 2022, 12:36 PM