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Privacy Policy


Amending the Privacy Policy as posted on Do consult the page for further information about your rights as a data subject.

We will use the following services during the GYA Annual General Meeting and Conference 2022. Some of the used services may not be in full adherence with the very strict laws of the European GDPR. We advise caution.

Your use of the offered services indicates that you are aware of how your data is stored and processed by these service providers. Should you not agree to any of their procedures we strongly advice for you to contact the GYA Office to seek other ways of interaction and/or participation.

– Zoom (Privacy Policy | Sub-processors | Privacy Policy amendment by the GYA for Zoom)
– (GDPR information)

One (or all) of the above services may store your data in a non-EU country or transfer it to one. This means that despite certain regulations in place, your data may be accessible by third parties with no solid redress mechanism in place for privacy violations. This stands in violation with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please consider this carefully before using the aforementioned services. Be aware of your rights as a data subject and execute them at your discretion.


Recordings of Zoom sessions and to use / re-use resulting recordings

Joining a recorded Zoom session means that you are likely to be recorded. If you wish to NOT be recorded, we advise that you watch the recording subsequently, rather than join the call itself. We will activate the option that requires active consent from Zoom participants for when recording is started.

We will not record networking sessions.

Please do contact the Office if you have questions or concerns. If you wish to not join on Zoom or, that is absolutely fine. While you will not be able to interact as actively, we will do our best to provide you with all the content that you need to be up to date on what is happening at the AGM and conference. Do contact us for further advice and assistance.

Important: Any Zoom call can be recorded. Your name, picture and/or video feed might become visible and will thus be visible on the videos later on. If you have reason to keep your identity a secret (thus use a different name or moniker of any kind) do contact the Office before the AGM and conference. We will assist, take note, advise in any way we can (and ensure you won’t miss out any of the calls – as we will not allow non-members / non-alumni to join the internal Zoom meetings).


Vbulletin – the GYA Agora

The GYA Agora runs on a community software installation of the vbulletin message board software. The installation lives on a German server and has no connection to online sources of vbulletin whatsoever. This is a local install, rather than a cloud one.

Data storage on the GYA Agora community platform serves the purpose of your participation in interaction between GYA members, alumni and other trusted individuals. It serves the need for your fellow community members to identify you. None of the data you store in your profile (be it through data you state, or posts you make that are then connected to your profile) is publicly available or will be made public.

Your data stored here is data you provide at your own discretion. Only members and alumni of the GYA Network, as well as Office employees, Advisory Board members and a few trusted and close friends of the GYA do receive access to the site.

Be aware of your rights as a data subject and execute them at your own discretion.